Luka Chuppi Movie Review: Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon’s Luka Chuppi

Luka Chuppi

Luka Chuppi Review: This movie in Bollywood has changed its gear over the stories in recent times, and Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon’s (Luka Chuppi) movie is a part of this episode. Life of small town, stereotypes and troubles and happiness Luka Chuppi is a silent movie in his own right, and the whole team’s acting also matters a lot, and Luka Chuppi does not disappoint on all these criteria, and there is no shortage of entertainment for the audience. On the acting front, Kartik Aryan is staring with every film, and represents the small towns of Bollywood in Bollywood, all the actors in Luka Chuppi have worked very well.
Luka Chuppi

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The story of Luka Chuppi is from Mathura’s Guddu (Kartik Aryan). Who falls in love with Rashmi (Kriti Sanon) Guddu is a small town youth, talked about marriage, but open-minded Rashmi talks about live-in to try the relationship before marriage. Twist comes in both the lives. Rashmi’s father was a leader and she too was averse to live-in. Guddu and Rashmi begin to live as husband and wife. But one day the householder gets an eye on it, and then starts the Great Indian Family Drama. In this way, in the story of the film, the mindset of the small town and the deep insight of the life there is. But the story is slightly drawn. Actor’s acting and laughter put in the film does not allow the film to bore.

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All of Luka Chuppi’s actors have come to the act of acting. Kartik Aryan has played Guddu’s character well and his rousingness of marriage seems very fun. At the same time, Kriti Sanon, who has been seen in ‘Bareli Ki Barfi’, has also played the role of a girl in a very brilliant manner. Vinay Pathak’s stereotype also goes down in the heart, and it has been interesting once again to see Pankaj Tripathi. But in the role of Abbas, untiringly watching Khurana goes on and he wants to see a bit more in the film. Filmmaking movie-by-movie is recording its strong presence.

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