Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill) Song 3gp Mp4 720p Hd Download

Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill) Song 3gp Mp4 720p Hd Download

The No.1 Rap King of the Nation, BADSHAH, is set to create history with his first album O.N.E. Packed with 17 Super Hit chartbusting tracks! Be it DJ Waley Babu or Heartless, this Hit Machine has made sure he shows no MERCY.
From being an underground Rapper to becoming a worldwide sensational phenomenon, BADSHAH, the trendsetter of Music is all set to showcase all that you’ve been waiting for. O.N.E- Original Never Ends features the divas of Pop Music- Sunidhi Chauhan, Aastha Gill and Lisa Mishra!

Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill).3gp

Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill).mp4

Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill) HD.mp4

Heartless (Badshah ft. Aastha Gill) 720p PC HD.mp4

Can it get any better? We Bet not! Presenting “Heartless” from the most anticipated album of the year. Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra has supported rapper Badshah by lending her voice to the video of his new song “Heartless”. Badshah wanted Parineeti’s voice in the video.

He met her and presented “Heartless” from his album “O.N.E” to her. “Parineeti is a great friend. We are working together on ‘Namaste England’ so, she was one of the few people who I showed ‘Heartless’ to. “She saw it and even before I could ask her to be a part of it in some way she said yes and it was great. The song does that to people,” Badshah said in a statement to IANS. The video will be out on today.

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